Sports Canopy

The flush, no-handle design of the canopy, which is painted in the same colour as the vehicle, outstandingly match the vehicle’s design. It extends the load compartment and protects the cargo from theft. Thanks to high-quality materials, it is robust, long lasting and helps keep moisture and dust from the cargo. All of the windows have a dark tint and provide both heat protection and privacy. The window configuration is pop-out on driver‘s side and lift-up on passenger‘s side.

The canopy is equipped with a robust interior liner and has LED lighting. Central locking on rear window and passenger side lift-up window. A water and dust defence kit for the tailgate is also included. Check out the Genuine Accessories brochure for part numbers.

Sports Canopy Fitted Price $5,071 inc GST*
Sports Canopy with roof rails Fitted Price $ 5,609 inc GST

Touring Canopy

The highly functional Touring Canopy allows you to choose your window configuration with large lift-up and sliding window options available.
Provides good ventilation for pets and easy access to the load bed contents.

Fitted Price $4945 inc GST*

Side Bar Steps

The side bar steps in stainless steel measure 76 mm in diameter and lend the vehicle a stylish and striking side design which further emphasises its ute character. In addition to enhancing the vehicle’s appearance, the side bar steps also serve as steps when boarding and exiting the vehicle and during loading and unloading. Note yellow colour shown in image is not available in Australia.

Fitted Price $1,337 inc GST*

Silver. Available Q3 2018. A4708501100
Black. Available Q3 2018. A4708501200

Styling bar

The perfect accompaniment to the striking and robust ute design and lends the vehicle an even more progressive appearance. The styling bar is installed and removed quickly and can be combined with the hard cover for an even greater appeal.

Fitted Price $1,551 inc GST*

Silver – suits hardcover A4708902100
Black – suits hardcover A4708902300
Silver – suits no cover or soft cover A4708902000
Black – suits no cover or soft cover A4708902200


The aluminium rollcover made from robust, high-quality aluminium helps protect the load against moisture and dust. It can be opened and closed in stages. Locking takes place via a separate key. Not compatible with Styling bar.

Fitted Price $3,295 inc GST*

Black A4708511600
Silver A4708511100


Thanks to the hard cover’s design and paint finish in the same colour as the vehicle, it blends outstandingly into the design of the ute. It offers protection against weather and theft. It is unlocked via a separate key and has an automatic LED light – meaning the cargo can be found quickly and easily even in the dark. Dust and water defence kit for the tailgate included. Check out the Genuine Accessories brochure for part numbers.

Fitted Price $3,020 inc GST*

Soft cover

The weather-resistant soft cover can protect the load from moisture, solar radiation and prying eyes. The PVC tarpaulin is tear-resistant and water-repelling. Additional fastenings and cross struts ensure that the load is provided with perfect protection and as little water or ice can collect on the tarpaulin as possible. Simply rolling up the cover provides quick access to the load. When it is rolled up, the soft cover is secured to the bulkhead with 2 fastening straps. “Mercedes-Benz” lettering positioned in the centre at the rear visually upgrades the soft cover.

Fitted Price $1,040 inc GST*

Black, for vehicles with styling bar. Available Q3 2018. A4708511000
Black, for vehicles without styling bar. Available Q3 2018. A4708510900

Water & dust defence kit

Water and dust defence kit. Black, rubber. The water and dust protection consists of 3 seals at the tailgate, which help to protect the bed from water and dust. A seal is vertically attached to the edge of the bed on the left of the tailgate and another on the right.
The third seal is secured horizontally to the underside of the tailgate so that it lies against the bottom of the bed when the tailgate is closed, in order to prevent the ingress of fluid or dust in this location. Standard with Sports canopy, Hardcover and Rollcover.

Fitted Price $479 inc GST*


* You must check with your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership to ensure that the part’s design, features and technical specifications are available and fit for your vehicle. Prices are available during the promotion period from participating dealerships only and while stocks last. Prices shown are maximum fitted price including GST and are the recommended price of the accessories including fitment cost. Please note that fitment and accessory pricing may differ between Dealers which may affect your actual accessory price. All offers are limited to parts purchased and service completed until 31 December 2018.

+ Wheel pricing is per wheel, does not include tyre or fit and balance.

`` Price is for the purchase of the parts only.